Clued Upp

I love games. I love board games, video games, parlour games, card games. Games you play in the car or on your smartphone. Pub quizzes, party games, murder mystery dinners. I love them all.

I’m not hugely competitive. I don’t really care who wins, although winning is fun obviously, but I very much enjoy the whole taking part bit. I like cheering others on and celebrating people’s triumphs. In fact I find overly competitive people rather off putting. Like Noel Edmonds on Eight Go Rallying (BBC 2). We know it’s a race Noel and we know you want to win but just CALM DOWN WILL YOU.

Anyway, today me, my husband and our daughter joined close friends in a Clued Upp game.

Clued Upp describe themselves as a “brand-new city-wide murder mystery game that puts you in the shoes of a real-life detective”. You purchase your tickets, download the app and go to the city/town listed. You track down and interrogate virtual witnesses, eliminate suspects with the information garnered and rule out murder weapons. It’s Cluedo meets Pokemon-Go.

The games happen all over the country (ours was local to us). They have games coming soon to Edinburgh, Bristol, Cardiff, London (Covent Garden) and Manchester to name but a few!

In the grounds of Guildford Castle. The killer could be lurking in the flowerbeds!

It was nice for us having familiar surroundings (we also went for lunch) but we thought it could be equally fun to do it somewhere you’d never been before. It would be a great way of discovering a different town or city. You can pause the game at any point should you get diverted by some nice shops or need a churros break (just saying).

Our game was based on The Krays. ‘It’s 1967 and Ronnie and Reggie Kray have been found murdered and you need to identify the killer!’. It was great fun spotting other teams, some of whom had gone to great efforts with costumes. There are awards/prizes up for grabs; Fastest Team, Best Dressed Team, Best Team Photo, Best Team Name, Best Little Detective and Best K9 Detective!

The weather was on our side. Slightly overcast but warm and breezy, perfect! A really fun afternoon and yes we solved the case.

Whodunnit? That would be telling.

For more information about Clued Upp click here.

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