My husband and I have had the same bed frame since before we got married. We’ve now been married 16 YEARS. I’m too embarrassed to even talk about the mattress. You know those Dreams adverts that say you’re supposed to replace your mattress every 8 years? Hah! Are we weird? Do people update their beds all the time? My friend Hannah has been married for 7 years and they’re on bed number four.

We could have just bought a new mattress but I really want to up the size of our bed (from King to SuperKing). My husband likes to tell people that I want a bed big enough that would mean he’d need a visa to visit my side. He’s not wrong. But let’s face it, the mattress is the expensive bit. So if I’d bought a new one I’d have to wait ages to upgrade the actual bed. About 8 years I suspect.

Anyway, I’d rather wait longer until I can get exactly what I want. I’m all about the long game. You should probably remember this should you ever plan to screw me over somehow.

Every time we thought about replacing the bed something else would take priority. But now FINALLY we are on the cusp of doing it. Well… we’re looking at beds which is a step closer at least. And the best bit is I get to pick it!

This is because when we bought our current bed there was simply no debate or choice. It was very much a case of “Which is the cheapest?”. My husband liked it (and still does) but he knows I never really did so this time around I have CARTE BLANCHE. I am beyond excited.

I’ve always been very pro metal/iron bedsteads (which is what we have now).

Like this.

I maintained I’d never have a wooden bed. This is because my mother has a penchant for antique wooden beds, so I grew up sleeping in those and they always creaked and sighed every time you deigned to turn over. Or breath. But I love the French style and friends do keep telling me that normal newly-made wooden beds are fiiiiiiinnnneee.

After much research I’m pretty set on loaf. When I showed a friend the beds I liked she said with a distinct lack of enthusiasm “They’re very… romantic”. Yes, I suppose they are but I can think of worse things for a marital bed to be. And I do appreciate they’re not to everyone’s taste. If you like a modern bed then these are going to be your idea of hell.

It’s probably between the Joelle

… and the Mirabelle.

This was hugely helped along by loaf kindly opening up a new shop in Guildford. I don’t like to rely on websites for furniture, I want to see it and feel it and size it up.

My daughter and I visited the showroom a few weeks ago and I fell in love with their beds. She fell in love with all the free fabric samples and took an obscene amount of them home to “muse over”. We have enough to make a quilt.

Now to choose a mattress. But what to go for? In the olden days (when I was in my 20’s) one went to a bed shop and picked out a mattress. Your options were soft, medium or firm. Now there is a plethora of choice… do we want pocket sprung? Memory foam? Bamboo? Natural Latex?

Back to the drawing board…

As a side note I absolutely lurve the Versailles bed from Feather & Black

But I am wary about rattan. It may suffer with wear and tear and I’d be concerned that our cat would view the entire bed as a new scratching post. But isn’t it just DIVINE?

*Please note if reading this post in WordPress Reader/App the gifs won’t be animated. Sorry about that.

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  1. stellabranch says:

    We had a similar thing when we were moving. We’d had the same bedroom furniture for 25 years and why we moved with our mattress ( although not quite as old as yours) I do not know. We bought a whole bedroom suite made of white oak with a matching sleigh bed…I am in heaven when I’m in my bedroom…except I still haven’t decided on good curtains…

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  2. We have a Victorian iron bed frame with extended side rails so my feet don’t poke through at the end. We’ve had it for around 25 of the 30 years we’ve been married. It’s time for a new mattress (which will be our third one) but I’m intending to keep the frame. 🙂

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    1. It’s wonderful when you love a piece of furniture so much! 💕

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      1. Yes, it was a good buy. 🙂

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