Winter Flowers

I’ve just planted some flowers hoping to have some Winter colour.

I chose Hellebores and Cyclamens. They’re all readily available at the moment.

I chose Cyclamen (Rembrandt Pure White) as a bit of a filler. They flower for ages (from Autumn to Spring!) and have beautiful silvery foliage. They’re meant to be easy peasy as they’ll grow in almost any kind of soil and can thrive in the darker Winter days. When any flowers die off you simply remove them to stimulate further flowering.

I chose double flowering Hellebores in pink and yellow spotted varieties. These are semi-evergreen perennials, so should last for years. They flower in late Winter – early Spring. They’re happy in any good well-drained soil and like partial to full shade. Because my garden is South facing I will keep these in pots because I’ll then be able to move them around and keep them shaded in the warmer months.

The other Hellebore I chose was the variety called “Christmas Rose”. I ordered this from because I couldn’t find it at any of my local garden centres. Crocus have great discount offers on at the moment. Well worth a visit if you want to add some Winter interest.

I planted them in threes because my mother has brainwashed me and says you must always pot things in odd numbers.

They don’t look like much right now but they’ve just been planted and drenched so hopefully they’ll establish and perk up in the next few days.

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  1. Dorothy Hawkes says:

    It will all looks so pretty for months to come. Quite the little gardener aren’t you 🌸💕

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