I am not particularly high maintenance when it comes to beauty. I have no idea what’s new.

I work in a veterinary practice so generally speaking fancy nails are a no no. Those girls with the long acrylics, all glossy, decorated and bejewelled, would be crying 5 minutes into my job. Try wrangling a feisty cat, mopping up wee (and you’re lucky if that’s all you’re dealing with) and scrubbing things down with those on? And that’s not even mentioning the faster-than-the-speed-of-light typing and hospital strength hand sanitisers. I console myself by looking after my feet. I buff and exfoliate and soak and moisturise and paint my nails. I’ll treat myself to a proper pedicure a couple of times a year.

Buttttt…. seeing as it’s almost Christmas (she said in a not at all hysterical way) I have decided to get my nails done. I reckon it’s what baby Jesus would want me to do. I will still keep them pretty short and squared off (I have a job to do) but I’m opting for SNS as opposed to varnish or gel.

Now I’m sure you’ve all been using SNS for ages but as I said, I am not particularly au fait with all these new fangled beauty regimes but I figured I’d give this a go as my friend Abby swears by it and I’ve heard it isn’t nearly so damaging to your nails as gel.

Abby and her sparkly SNS nails!

SNS stands for Signature Nail Systems. It’s different to other nail enhancements because rather than someone painting the colour on your nails in a liquid form instead you dip your nails into a powder. Once they’ve applied the correct colour they will seal it with a clear, gloss top coat. Sounds bizarre to me.

The powder is packed with vitamins and calcium so is meant to nourish your nails, leaving them stronger, less brittle and in much better condition than if you’d used traditional polish.

Abby and I are going to her local salon together next month. I am so up for it! Christmas treat!

Now I just have to pray we don’t have any acute haemorrhagic diarrhoea patients in that week. Fingers crossed!

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