Not Tupperware

Recently I helped a dear friend move house. It wasn’t under easy circumstances, her husband had just been involved in a horrific traffic accident and was in hospital so she was trying to do it all on her own. Two weeks before Christmas. With a baby. Not. Fun. Times.

Anyway I ended up taking some of her stuff home with me to save her having to worry about it. This included clearing the fridge/freezer, paperwork to shred, some random bits and bobs and approximately 734 garden pots.

What can I say? She REALLY likes potted plants.

Whilst going through the frozen food items I found several little plastic tubs of baby food. Rather than throw these away I washed them out and stored them. I’ll be seeing her soon enough (she’ll be wanting her pots) and I figured I could return them all clean and dry and sterilised.

Except this morning I was going to work at our quietest branch and I knew they wouldn’t have any milk in the fridge. I couldn’t entertain the idea of not having a cup of tea all morning so I stole one to put some milk into to take with me.

Guys we have been playing this whole Tupperware game ALL WRONG.

You know those Tupperware tubs with the four click clack clasps on the lid? Those are rubbish compared to these! They often leak and they can be a faff, lining them up just right to click down the lid and sometimes if it’s not quite straight or slightly warped you can’t click down the fourth clasp and have to start all over again. Why did we bother? JUST USE BABY FOOD CONTAINERS.

Like these.

They are just the right size, have an easy-grip screw-on lid, are completely leak proof and fridge/freezer/dishwasher friendly. None of this will come as a surprise to any mums with young children reading this. I’m sure they’ll think I’m just stating the obvious (and they’re right) but my daughter is now fifteen. It really has been a lifetime since I had any interaction with baby products. Not to mention that things have improved!

Now obviously they aren’t going to replace all your Tupperware, you can’t fit a sandwich in one of these. Let’s be sensible. But they’d be really handy for those left over baked beans or sweet corn or a handbag friendly portion of yoghurt or milk or miso soup or… baby food. They would be brilliant for all kinds of things. So much better for carrying liquids than any of my square click clack pots, honestly. Even the shape of them is brilliant, fitting perfectly in any car (or buggy) cupholder.

I shall of course return these with the other belongings but I may just have to buy some for myself.

And to round this off nicely, my friend’s husband is now home from hospital and doing well. Hooray!

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