Now if you’re of a delicate disposition you may want to skip this post altogether. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

My friend Ryan has an infected finger. He has no idea how it happened. Maybe a cat scratched it. They’re very scratchy. Anyway his finger was swollen, painful, hot to touch, pus – the works!


He cut his finger to release the pressure and drained it. No fuss, no bother. Like another friend who discovered a tick had attached itself to her side and simply dug it out with a scalpel blade. This is the kind of thing veterinary people (and I’m sure any other kind of medical folk) do. They just slice themselves open and fix themselves afterwards. Like the Terminator.

Anyway should you find yourself in a similar situation then soak the body part in a bowl of fairly warm water to soften the skin. Then add some Magnesium Sulphate paste. Stir to dissolve. Magnesium Sulphate, most commonly used/seen as “Epsom Salts”, is a mineral with a laundry list of health benefits and uses.

So once you’ve done this you can then prick the affected area with a sterilised pin or needle and when you place it back into the bowl you can literally sit and watch the pus being drawn out. It’s weirdly hypnotic. It’s also meant to work on splinters and bee stings/venom.

Available from any pharmacy.

Now this is where I add my disclaimer. Obviously if any part of you is infected you should seek proper medical advice as quickly as possible. This is just one of those handy mum tips. It will at least ease the pressure whilst you wait to get in front of a GP.

And apologies if this made you queasy. I find nothing really grosses me out anymore. We were discussing this whole thing over lunch.

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