Spring Garden

This is the time of year I start venturing back out into the garden to judge what’s doing well and what might not be. This week we’ve had quite a lot of rain and high winds, thanks to Storm Gareth (who the hell names a storm Gareth?!) so I haven’t had a chance to do much in the way of weeding or tidying up yet. It’s still far too wet to even attempt to mow the lawn but it certainly feels like Spring has arrived thanks to my Peach Blossom and Kojo-No-Mai. This is some consolation after the disappointment of not being able to plant that Cherry Blossom tree (Remember that? Click here).

My Peach blossom in February.

Early March

Mid March

And now!

My Kojo-No-Mai in February.

Early March


Now just waiting for the sunshine. Bugger off Gareth.

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