New Year, New Podcast?

I don’t really want to talk about my recent absence (see previous post here) so I won’t be talking about it in any great detail but just wanted to say thank you for the messages I received from people who read this blog. Strangers, with whom I have never exchanged a word with before, contacted me via Twitter to pass on their condolences and kind words. I was truly touched, so thank you.

So, the first post of 2020 is all about podcasts! I’m a bit late to the whole podcast game. I have always loved audiobooks but never really got into podcasts but recently I have come around.

My husband and I like Giles Coren. He seems to be marmite. Some people lurve him and some people hate him. If you don’t like Giles Coren feel free to not @ me! I’m allowed to like whoever I want to. I always enjoy his columns and the restaurant reviews and that funny behind-the-scenes hotel programme that he does. Deal with it.

The premise for the podcast is that it’s that time of the week where Giles is deciding what to write about in his column hence why he HAS NO IDEA. So, with his journalist wife Esther’s help, they talk through the headlines in the papers trying to find a good topic. Informative and often very funny. Never miss an episode.

One of the messages I received whilst I’ve been away from the blog was from a really lovely woman who suggested I listen to Griefcast. The tag line describes it as “funny people talking about death and grief”. Hosted by comedian/actress Cariad Lloyd, who lost her father at a young age, it features a different person each week discussing their own personal experience of loss.

I’ve only listened to one episode thus far as I think perhaps when you’re entrenched in sadness and grief and it’s all very raw the last thing you want to listen to is someone else talking about their struggles. Or maybe that’s just me? I have found that I have been gravitating towards lighter subject matter when it comes to watching, reading and listening lately but I can see how this podcast would be valued by those who are perhaps a bit further down the road than me.

I’ve only just discovered Shagged. Married. Annoyed. and I’ve been binge listening. This podcast from comedian Chris Ramsey and his vlogger wife, Rosie, is brilliant. I’m a little obsessed. Firstly I love the Geordie accent. I could listen to them talking every day for the rest of my life. Secondly they are HILARIOUS.

It’s mostly about married life, parenting and relationships. Every episode they answer questions from the public (trust me, the stories and questions from the listeners are NUTS) and each week they have a question from a different celebrity. I love it. Not for those who are easily offended with slightly rude topics and/or language. Perfect listening for a tedious car journey!

I know I’ve blogged about it before but can’t talk about podcasts and not mention Walking The Dog (with Emily Dean). What happens? Essentially celebs walk their dogs and talk about all manner of things. I don’t have a dog and I don’t really want one (I’m surrounded by barking dogs all day every day at work) but I do love the virtual dog walks with talented, funny people each episode.

Actually really good listening for the bath.

Enjoy! x

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