Fragrance Free

Following on from my Limonene & Linalool post in September 2019 here are some further good buys I’ve found in the following months which might be helpful for those of you who have sensitive skin or allergies.


I initially switched from my usual dishwasher tablets to Ecover Zero tablets which are fragrance free but each tablet is individually wrapped in a plastic non-recyclable wrapper which felt hugely wasteful to me.

Ecover Zero

I was really pleased to discover Finish 0%! You get all the cleaning power Finish is famous for without any of the added skin-irritating chemicals plus no throw-away wrapper and even the bag it comes in is 100% recyclable. Win win! Finish 0% is available from Ocado.

Finish 0%


I now use Surcare because thus far they’re the only scent free sensitive laundry brand I’ve found that’s been available in pods (capsules). Using powder or liquid isn’t a problem per se, I just find I end up being a bit slap dash and going through it much quicker. Whereas with pods you just pop one in the drum and it’s done!


The one downside to them is unlike the likes of Ariel, Persil or Fairy, which come in sturdy tubs, Surcare pods are sold in a flimsy plastic packet which constantly topples over. I’ve since bought a jar to keep them in like one of those pretentious Pinterest posts. But hey it works! Surcare pods are tricky to find but I did find some in a big Sainsbury’s.

I originally used Ecover Zero laundry liquid but like I said I have a tendency to overuse it, also it looks identical to their fabric softener.

Ecover Zero Doppelgängers

Now I do realise this sounds incredibly lazy but I actually found it a bit of a chore having to read the labels every time. Sometimes when on auto pilot I managed to pour the wrong one which if you’ve ever done it is infuriating. I know, I know, I am the worst kind of spoilt brat but think about it for a moment, do you actually read the label every single time you reach for your fabric softener or do you automatically know on sight which is which.

I can’t think of any other laundry brand that makes the packaging near enough identical. And of course this is all down to fragrance…

Easy to tell which is which…

So I ditched the Ecover Zero laundry detergent in favour of the Surcare pods and now just buy their fragrance free fabric softener. Simples! Ecover Zero is available from Ocado.


We had the same everything-on-the-shelf-looks-identical problem with Green People’s scent free range. Their shampoo, conditioner and shower gel were all in identical bottles. So my daughter now uses Faith in Nature’s fragrance free shampoo and conditioner.

Faith In Nature Fragrance Free

Yes they look the same but the bottles are transparent and the shampoo is clear and the conditioner is white so it’s easier to tell which is which. I found Faith In Nature Fragrance Free on Amazon.

Green People Scent Free Shower Gel

My daughter really rates Green People’s shower gel. It’s very concentrated so lasts ages. Available from Amazon and Green People’s own website.

Air Freshener

Now I do appreciate that the phrase “fragrance free air freshener” sounds like an oxymoron so work with me.


Don’t ask me how it works but it does. Even strong smells like garlic! It’s more of a spritz than a proper aerosol spray and of course you don’t get that burst of sweet fragrance that you’re conditioned to expect when using an air freshener but it is good because you’re not just masking bad smells with stronger smells. I was very impressed to be honest. Available from Ocado.

I do realise I’ve done two back to back shopping posts. Oh welllll…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You might also check out Dropps pods for dishwashing and laundry. I love that there is zero waste (biodegradable pods, comes in a recyclable cardboard box).

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  2. Cassie Hadlington says:

    Hi just to say thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Mae says:

    Faith in Nature shampoo has Linalool in it. Unfortunately I’m allergic to linalool & limónene.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She uses the Fragrance Free version that doesn’t contain Linalool or Limonene as far as I know.


  4. Anonymous says:

    My dermatologist recommended Sanex Zero fragrance free. I’ve tried the deodorant and shower gel so far and doesn’t have either of those ingredient in. Also easy to buy in Boots which is always a plus!!


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