We have one of those diddy little coffee machines that use Nespresso capsules. A few years ago they were all the rage and I bought one for my husband. He loves it and uses it often. Every now and then packages arrive containing all kinds of seductive sounding coffees and it makes him very happy.

When you order capsules in bulk they come with recycling bags. You’re supposed to fill these bags with all your used capsules, then ring a courier and arrange a collection. I can see how this would be great if, say, you have an office coffee machine and are going through a large quantity of capsules. Or maybe if you’re a coffee addict who works from home and you’re around all day, available to arrange courier collection time slots.

We did start out with the best of intentions but as my husband is the solo coffee drinker in our house and also out at work five days out of seven it would probably take him a couple of months to fill a single bag. We found that after a week or so the capsules in the bag became smelly and mouldy and we abandoned the idea. I did feel guilty about this especially seeing as we recycle everything else.

So I was very excited when I saw the EcoPress from Dualit.

This handy little device allows you to recycle the coffee capsules yourself (it is Nespresso compatible). You simply put the capsule in place, put the lid on and press down. It removes the used coffee from the casing meaning you can throw the aluminium case in with your normal recycling and dispose of the coffee.

We have food waste collection where I live but if you don’t you could always use the coffee in your garden. I have friends that collect used coffee grounds from cafes to use in their allotment and swear by them!

I’ve bought one for my Dad for Father’s Day. He’s impossible to buy presents for but he loves little gadgets like this.

To learn more about the EcoPress click here

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