Winter Colour

Regular readers of this blog may remember way back in November 2018 I had lofty ideas of having “winter colour” in my garden (click here). I enthusiastically planted up two large pots with hellebores and cyclamens. Well… nothing happened. The cyclamens were fine and later died off but the hellebores didn’t flower at all. All very disappointing.

But ever the optimist, I kept the pots (albeit hidden at the back of the garden) and watered them all summer. Then I promptly forgot about them, so imagine my surprise when last week I went down to the wood store to see that the abandoned pots were showing signs of life! The hellebores were flowering!

Some of the old leaves from last year were completely shrivelled and dead so I cut those back and moved the pots to the patio at the start of the path where they’ll get the best of the any Winter sunshine.

This combined with the cyclamens (bright pink this time) that I planted in October for my windowsills have made a real difference.

That said, and I know I say this every year, I’m still desperate for Spring.

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  1. Liz says:

    Looks very nice and what a surprise for you, when you noticed something had flowered.

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    1. It was such a lovely surprise! And I think Winter flowers are so joyous.

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      1. Liz says:

        I agree.

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