Look what’s back!

We watch more than our fair share of TV I reckon. We’re not ones for mid-week hobbies. When I get home after a long day I immediately start making dinner. I am not inclined to skip off to Zumba, Thai cooking class or a design your own butt plug workshop or whatever it is that other people do. I am not a night owl. I would go to bed at 8pm if I thought I could get away with it. But… indigestion. Also it’s cold. It’s cold and it’s dark and all my instincts are screaming to stay in and hibernate.

In a similar situation? Then here’s what’s back on TV at the moment…

The Split (BBC)

Hannah Stern (Nicola Walker) and her legal schmegal family are back! Yes there’s legal cases (divorces mainly) and affairs and naughty teenagers and substance addiction. Yes, yes but her house is also back!

Hello my love, oh how I’ve missed you

I have been lusting after this house since the last series. With its arched front doors, high ceilings, polished floors and ballroom proportioned kitchen/diner.

In reality this period London home would cost many many millions of pounds and you’d most probably have to be the head of a crime syndicate to afford it. London innit?

I know it was you Fredo

If that doesn’t float your boat then there’s also lots of gorgeous work placed fashion and hot lawyers saying things like “I have to go, I’m needed in court”.

All episodes available on BBC iPlayer.

Sex Education (Netflix)

Imagine a regular English secondary school but filmed in Wales where the kids don’t wear uniform but American varsity letter jackets and the fashion is 80’s but the technology and terminology is 100% 2020. If you can do that then you’re halfway to envisaging Netflix’s teen show Sex Education.

Otis (Asa Butterfield) is the teen son of a sex and relationship therapist (Gillian Anderson). Having grown up in a house where sex is openly discussed in all its gory detail, can Otis help his hormonal classmates?

The three of us have watched both seasons of this show and thoroughly enjoyed it. It deals with complex serious issues whilst maintaining its light hearted, funny core. I’d watch this with anyone but if you’re easily embarrassed or squeamish about about sex and/or nudity then this isn’t for you. OBVIOUSLY.

In a weird side note, I met Asa Butterfield’s mum once. He was filming the Martin Scorsese film Hugo at the time. She was very proud of her little boy. Odd to think I’ve now watched him simulating masturbation.

All episodes available to watch on Netflix.

This Country (BBC)

I am thrilled that this BAFTA winning mockumentary comedy is back for its third (and final) series.

She could say absolutely anything and I would laugh.

Written by and starring real life siblings Daisy May and Charlie Cooper, This Country follows the lives of cousins Kerry and Kurtan in a quiet Cotswold Village.

Nothing really happens.

It’s hilarious.

All episodes on BBC iPlayer. New series starts 17 February 2020.

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