We are just recovering from “The Beast From The East” here in Britain. In my neck of the woods we were weren’t that badly affected.

Parts of the UK (Glasgow I’m looking at you) were struck by high winds and actual blizzards. There were tales of people stranded on motorways in gridlock for 18 hours or housebound with no heating or power.

Here we had just enough snow to cause travel chaos. Motorways were reduced to one lane, trains and flights were cancelled. My daughter was positively delighted when her school was closed for a day. She and some friends all decamped to the local park for sledding and snowball fights.

All in all it probably lasted four days. My cat was furious throughout.


As temperatures rose the great thaw started with some parts of the country suffering floods. The worst we got were icicles dangling from every pipe and tree branch. I thought they looked pretty, if a little lethal.

This photo of an icicle would be a lot more impressive had I not broken it in half. I’m nothing if not ham fisted.

Anyway within a day or so it had all disappeared.

It is strange how quickly you get used to the pretty white softness of snow. Now when I look out at the garden it just looks cold and bleak.

On the plus side I have some crocuses and weeny daffs poking through. So here’s hoping…

Spring really can’t come soon enough.

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  1. Liz says:

    I’m looking forward to the warmer weather. When we had that snow, I stayed in till work. I had no plans for anything else. Although it affected where I lived, I did not have those very high drifts I have been seeing in photos around the web. I wasn’t in an area that had the worst of it.

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    1. I was fortunate enough to be able to walk to work! My daughter loved it though! x

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