Genius Square

Now, anyone who knows me and my family will know that we are partial to a game LOVE games! For her birthday my daughter received a game called Genius Square. If I had to go on Dragons Den to pitch this game I’d probably say it’s Tetris meets The Rubix Cube.

The game consists of a grid, blocker pieces, a pack of dice and a set of coloured shapes and you get two full sets in each box. She received two so we have four sets. You can play it individually or against others against the clock.

The rules are extremely simple. You roll each di which will tell you where to place each blocker piece on the grid. Then you have to fit the shapes into the spaces left. First one to complete their grid without any gaps wins. It’s fantastically addictive! The box brags that there are 62,208 combinations and what I find incredible is that we will often play it and all end up with different solutions. Very clever – some might say genius!

This game comes in quite a big box, with all the components packed in individual plastic baggies inside. So actually if you decanted the contents into a simple drawstring bag this would be a very portable travel game, perfect for holidays! Anyone can play, no complicated rules or instructions to follow.

This game will be really popular when you have those family gatherings and you need something to entertain people for half an hour. It’s quick so you can have a family tournament with people taking turns. Just don’t complain when Grandma trounces you all!

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