So the football is back. It’s on all the time. I was texting my friend Jo last night in despair “He’s watching football!” I wailed “It’s the THIRD MATCH OF THE DAY”. And today has been much of the same. But I tell myself we’re having a rare quiet weekend and the European Championships are only every four years and he works very hard and that I should be the lovely nice wife. So I bought him beer and sat next to him feigning interest whilst trying not to die of boredom.


This is when having one television really does feel like I’m living in some kind of uncivilised society. As a general rule I don’t like lots of TVs. I think it stilts conversation (of which I’m a big fan, can you tell?) and you can end up with a situation where every member of the family is in a different room all ignoring one another in favour of the magic telly box. This is why I never wanted an iPad. Besides, with our supersonic Sky/Virgin boxes that can record hours and hours of programming it really won’t kill you if you have to miss something when it actually airs. But then the Euros comes along (or the Olympics or the World Cup) and I just want to retreat to the bedroom and watch back-to-back episodes of GIRLS.

And the best bit? It’s only day 3. Just urgh.

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    One thing I have found interesting (in a horrible way) is all this stuff about the football hooligans. I thought this was the stuff of the eighties?

    People on my Facebook have said things like the countries whose fans have been rioting should be banned from the competition. I don’t think this will work – the sort of kid who minds the rest of the class missing out doesn’t become a football hooligan.

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    1. God, I know. I did hear that UEFA has threatened to throw out Russia if the violence continues… It’s just awful that a minority of thugs can spoil it for everyone else.


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