I just impulse bought a new bag. I had a tote I loved for years but then it started falling apart (a familiar story) so I started using jute or canvas shopper bags for every day stuff. 

I’ve just started working again and a canvas shopper isn’t great for work as it’s unstructured and open so everything just falls out when you put it down etc. So I started using a Karen Millen bag I’ve had for years. But it’s too small for work really as I am currently slogging around a whole heap of stuff. I needed a solution. 

I was at Superdry at the weekend with my daughter who was in a sale induced shopping frenzy and I saw a tote bag I liked.

The Amelia Tote, SuperDry (also available in black)

I only ever buy brown or tan bags. I feel like they go with pretty much everything. Black bags feel smarter and more formal to me. But that’s just personal preference.

The thing that sold me on the tote was that it has an internal zipped section so you can keep all your important stuff like your purse, mobile etc safe. But it’s also removable so you can take it out if you need the space. There’s also a smaller zipped pocket inside the large zipped section. Perfect for keys, tampons etc. 

The actual body of the bag is structured and will stand unaided so it keeps everything where you need it to be. 

It’s a really clean simple design and whilst it does say Superdry on the plaque on the front it isn’t screaming branding (which I hate). It’s barely noticeable. 

The best thing about this bag is the price. It’s only £39.99 which is a bargain. Now obviously this means it isn’t real leather but I really didn’t want to fork out for a real leather tote only for it to be dragged around vet surgeries. 

If you want to know more about the Amelia click here

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