The Vikings are coming…

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No, not these Vikings. (If only!😍)[[[[
The Vikings I am talking about is in relation to the current trend in Danish babies.

Bear with me.

A while ago I watched a brilliant documentary called The Vikings Are Coming and it was all about Danish sperm. I don’t get out much. Anyway, it would appear that there’s a Scandi invasion of sorts happening (if Nigel Farage knew he would have a fit!). Did you know that Danish sperm now makes up a THIRD of the total used by UK fertility clinics? I didn’t. So why are British women choosing Danes to father their children?

Firstly it has a lot do with genetics, not that us Brits are talking about creating a blonde, blue eyed Aryan race you understand but on the whole the Scandis are a pretty good looking bunch. I still haven’t gotten over our 2012 character breakfast experience in the Norway section of Epcot (Walt Disney World, Florida) where we were served by Norwegian boys aged 18 – 21 dressed as fairytale footmen. The word ‘handsome’ doesn’t do them justice. But of course that’s not the only reason, you can find gorgeous men anywhere after all.

Perhaps it’s because Denmark is one of the few countries that still offers anonymity. When anonymous sperm donation came to an end here in the UK in 2005 fertility clinics saw a nosedive in donations. So now there’s less of it to buy and the pool of available would-be fathers has shrunk. In Denmark the sperm is also available to everyone (whereas some other countries have restrictions) and the donors are one of the highest paid, certainly in Europe. This makes sperm donation all the more appealing to young, healthy men who might fancy some extra cash but don’t want their offspring arriving unannounced on their doorstep in 18 years time calling them “Daddy”.

There’s also the issue of knowledge. In British clinics the information provided from the donor is minimal. Nationality, ethnicity and hair colour seem to be about it. The Danes however, do their homework. You can request medical history, family background, education, career… even baby photos! Donors write personal statements and some even record messages so you can listen to their voice. One can’t help but wonder if some of the women searching for their baby daddy fall in love slightly.

In the documentary a couple, Anna and Kel, say that shopping for Danish sperm is akin to ordering something from Amazon “It’s easier than adopting a puppy”. In the end they opt for sperm from a donor that says he would like to be married and have children but is struggling to find someone because he is a farmer and ‘not everyone wants to be a farmer’s wife’. A few days later the sperm donation arrives at the door in a bright yellow cryo canister for self-administered insemination.

Anna and Kel with their Danish delivery.

I can’t remember if that attempt was successful but I did read some months later that Anna and Kel did end up having a beautiful baby boy in the end.

The film did follow other women in their pursuit for the perfect Danish baby and some were victorious, others desperately disappointed. It made me cry but I guess that’s the nature of IVF.


If you get a chance to see The Vikings Are Coming it’s well worth watching.

Good luck to all embarking on the IVF journey!

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  1. Dave says:

    I may have mentioned this before, I love your blogs, they really brighten my day, thanks Kim

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    1. Thanks Dave! ☺️


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