Big dreams…

Currently watching the BBC show Big Dreams, Small Spaces with gardening guru Monty Don. My husband routinely makes fun out of me for loving Monty Don but I have now converted him and we are now both Monty super fans! 😆

Isn’t he just dreamy?

Big Dreams, Small Spaces features people wanting to transform their green spaces (gardens, allotments, yards) on a budget. Monty Don shows up at their door (can you imagine?! *squeals*) and advises them on their plans and the viewer follows their progress.

Usually the results are incredible and sometimes… unexpected.

Is it just me?

Big Dreams, Small Spaces BBC Two 7:00pm. All aired episodes currently available on BBC iPlayer.

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  1. stellabranch says:

    Oh yes, I find him incredibly attractive…so knowledgeable and twinkly…

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