Cat House etc.

This is my cat sitting on the cat house that Santa brought him for Christmas.

Please ignore the awful photo, there’s nothing I can do about it. They haven’t made a filter than can transform the grey drabness that we call February.

Some people might think an outdoor cat house is an unnecessary extravagance but they’re wrong. Because anything that stops my cat from crying at the kitchen door for hours on end asking me to turn the rain off is worth every penny. Now when the inevitable drizzle starts he happily hops out of the cat flap making a mad dash for his house, trots up the little staircase (too cute) and sits under cover on his roof deck watching the world go by. He sits out there in all weathers! It’s a beautiful thing a cat and his house.

I am half tempted to place it in the flowerbed somewhere and erect a little white picket fence around it and install a mini post box. But my husband said this would be “going too far even for you” which sounds like a bad thing so I shall restrain myself (but for how long?).

In other garden related news; The new fence is up and looking suitably sturdy. Hoorah! The old shed has been demolished. Double hoorah! And I’ve started pressure washing the patio in an attempt to smarten it up for Spring. Triple hoorah!

When you can write your initials onto the stone with your pressure washer it’s probably time to clean your patio.

Next up… to buy and erect an arch to replace the broken one. Watch this space!

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