Skip, Shed, Tree, Arch

I realise calling this blog post “Skip, Shed, Tree, Arch” is quite a mouthful. Maybe if you say it very quickly it might sound quite good, a bit like “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy”… albeit more garden-based. On a side note, I have to tell you that I did find that film SO BORING. Not even Tom Hardy could save it for me and that really is quite the insult as I’d watch him in absolutely anything. Anyway I digress, this is Skip, Shed, Tree, Arch and sadly doesn’t feature Tom Hardy at all (*weeps*).

I probably should have dedicated a blog post to each of these topics but I’m too lazy and realistically how many consecutive posts do you want to read about somebody else’s very ordinary garden? I mean it amazes me that anybody reads this blog at all, let alone the numbers that do, so I must at least try to be interesting. Anyway, back to my garden and it’s massive lack of Tom Hardy.

In January we had some very strong winds which finished off our fence on the left hand side. I had hoped it would last another year so we could spend our energies (and budget!) on the new shed but this meant we had to deal with it straight away. So in February we got that replaced and had the old, dilapidated shed removed at the same time. A month later we’ve now had the entire end of our garden cleared so we can put up the much anticipated new shed.The end of our garden. Blank canvas!

The shed will go on the left and we are planning on planting a cherry blossom tree on the right. We had a massive skip in our drive for two days whilst everything got cleared out. I highly recommend it, it was the most therapeutic thing ever. We filled it to the brim and I still wish I’d had more stuff to throw into it.During this time we also erected our new pergola arch to replace the metal one that went down in the winds. I couldn’t really delay this either as I wanted it in place as soon as possible as I’m praying my beloved passionflower stages a recovery. It’s currently a 20cm stump sticking out of the bed looking very miserable.

We had a new garden centre open up not far from us and they had 25% off most things during their opening weekend so it was a well timed purchase.New arch – ta dah!

Then this past weekend my husband and I went to a (different!) garden centre and chose my much longed for cherry blossom tree.

I have wanted a cherry blossom since I was about 7 years old when my favourite film was Mary Poppins. The Banks family lived on Cherry Tree Lane and my lifetime obsession with cherry blossoms began.After much procrastinating I eventually opted for Prunus Subhirtella Autumnalis Rosesa (for more info click here).

I was sorely tempted by some of the showier varieties but most cherry trees flower for a really short time in mid to late Spring whilst this one blooms from November to March. My garden is very bare and gloomy at that time of year so I’m hoping this will add some much needed colour.We will hopefully have it delivered and planted in the next couple of weeks. Also… when we went they had 30% off almost everything, an offer which we were told is on until the end of April if you fancy going and grabbing yourself a bargain. Click here for more info on the garden centre. It’s next door to Birdworld.

We haven’t actually placed the order for the shed yet but as it has a lead time of about 8 weeks I should probably get my skates on.

So that’s my boring garden news. Lots going on but absolutely no pretty pictures. So you’ll have to settle for this one… of Tom Hardy.

*If you’re reading this blog on WordPress this winking gif of Tom Hardy won’t work so I’d visit knowingkimberly if I were you.

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