I go a bit crazy at this time of year dotting fresh flowers around the house on every windowsill so desperate am I for Spring. I always think it’s a good idea to have a variety of vases at the ready. Tall and thin for gladioli, hourglass for lillies or peonies… shape matters when it comes to flowers. I don’t really go in for anything pricey, I find if you buy expensive breakable things they tend to sit around unused in a cabinet somewhere for fear of damaging it. I like vases to be sturdy and very simple, nothing too intricate or decorated. In my opinion the vase shouldn’t outshine the flowers.

With this in mind I bought this tulip vase from Garden Trading when they had one of their 30% off weekends (I swear I never pay full price for anything).

I love tulips and you can buy three bunches for less than a fiver if you’re smart and go to Aldi.

This vase is smaller than average which suits tulips perfectly because they’re usually not particularly tall. It’s also tapered towards to the top to help prevent droopage. It would work well with shorter/trimmed daffodils or hyacinths or even a small posy of wild flowers. Ideal as a centrepiece for a set dining table when you don’t want anything overwhelming or on a slim kitchen windowsill. As if these credentials weren’t good enough it’s also handmade and made from recycled glass.

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  1. carolee says:

    That is an excellent vase, unlikely to tip, large enough to hold significant flowers, elegant if need be, but “country” looking enough to fit in a rustic or outdoor setting as well. Good choice!

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    1. Thank you! I completely agree! ☺️ Our house is period and I don’t do formal so things are relaxed and comfy with rustic floorboards etc and this style of vase really suits it. They’ve got loads of gorgeous vases at Garden Trading and not expensive! 😊


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