Hello Fresh

Hello Fresh is a meal kit subscription service. Essentially what happens is a courier delivers a box to your door each week containing ingredients for the meals you have chosen from a set list.

I signed up a few months ago because I felt like we were stuck in a rut. I don’t consider myself a great cook and I thought it would be a good opportunity to add some different (but simple!) new dishes to my limited repertoire.

It was a complete success! The recipes are easy to follow with clear instructions. You have a print out that comes with the box but you can also follow along with the app and rate your meals as you go.

Is it haute cuisine? No. Is it family friendly with a limited ingredient list? Yes. You won’t spend hours chopping and dicing and sautéing. There is always a guideline that breaks down into prep and cooking time so you know before you start roughly how long each dish will take to prepare. This was perfect for me as I’d save the quickest meals for the days I worked the late shift.

Here are some I made earlier…

I’ve cancelled my subscription for now but kept the recipe sheets which I still use. Will probably sign up again when I feel like I’ve exhausted them. I know our veg intake went up and suspect our calorie content went down. Not because the meals are necessarily diet meals but because of the portion control.

I’d recommend Hello Fresh for anyone who wishes they cooked from scratch more but doesn’t really know where to start.

If you fancy it (at the time of writing this) they have a 50% off offer. Click here

They also have a cookbook but of course this means you have to go out and source the ingredients yourself (like a cave man! 😉).

Click here to buy it from amazon.co.uk

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