Honeybuns was first set up in 1998 by a nice lady called Emma who used to cycle around delivering her own homebaked gluten free creations to nearby cafes and delis. 18 years later, having won a whole host of taste awards, Honeybuns is thriving. All of their baked goods are gluten and wheat free and some are dairy free too! They only use their bespoke (gluten free) flour blends and 100% natural ingredients.

As you know I love beautiful packaging and Honeybuns has a really lovely handmade W.I. feel to it. They boast that they bake a lot slower than a commercial baker “to allow flavours to mingle and develop properly”. It’s all very The Good Life.

You can buy everything online which is very handy if you fancy stocking up. 

They also have a special gifts section which is super as it’s often tricky to find gluten free stuff you can send to someone that doesn’t scream “this is all that I could find!”. The cute bags and red ribbons say “This is a proper gift, not a dry gluten free biscuit I found in the dusty corner of the website that nobody wanted. This is something yummy and special and I wish I’d kept it for myself”.

Their gifts range from £4.99 for the “Tinker Tin” (A chocolate chip cookie in a Honeybuns tin with gift card) up to £76.00 for their “Deluxe Hamper”.

For Christmas, Coeliac Daughter received a Honeybuns gift bag from Big Sister containing homebaking mixes and a handwritten personalised signed copy of their cookbook. Really lovely!

honeybuns book
Their second book is out soon!

honeybuns logoRead all about Honeybuns HERE

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