Emergency Pudding 

Sometimes one requires an emergency pudding. We’ve all been there when you just need something sticky and gooey and sugary and there’s NO TIME to make anything. 

Or y’know, you’re just feeling really lazy. 

That’s where these come in! 

Cuppa Bakes (sold in M&S) are brilliant! You mix the pre-prepared ingredients into a mug (with some milk and butter), whack it in the microwave for a couple of minutes and ta-dah

There’s also the bakedin range (sold in Lakeland). Kids absolutely love these. My daughter had the gluten free brownie pack as a stocking filler at Christmas and it went down really well. Each pack contains 3 portions. 

A handy store cupboard essential for those pudding emergencies that I’m sure happen to everyone.

Not just me. 


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  1. stellabranch says:

    No, no, thrice no! As you know, I love cake. But the thing with packet mixes is all the added extras you get…flavourings, colourings….chemicals! I’d rather have no cake than a packet mix. Sorry!

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    1. I agree they don’t replace proper cake ☺️

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