When we moved into our house there was lots of “…the best thing is we don’t have to do anything!”. Two years on we’ve redecorated half the rooms in the house with the stairs and hall being a particular bugbear of my husband’s. “I hate the green in the hallway” he announces on an almost weekly basis, so the other day I just decided to book the decorators and GET IT DONE. He doesn’t ask for much and if a non-green hallway will make him happy then it’s worth doing.

So tomorrow the Chuckle Brothers are returning to paint the hall. After our experience with the dreaded Dulux Light & Space this time I decided to swallow my comments of “paint snobs” and bought Farrow & Ball.

The colour we have chosen is named “Clunch” which my husband thinks is hilarious. Apparently the name is derived from the chalk stone used in the off white building blocks of many East Anglian buildings. I just think it sounds rude.

Why couldn’t I like some of the prettier named paints? Like Slipper Satin or Skimming Stone. Or one of the colours that becomes a talking point in itself such as Mole’s Breath, Mouse’s Back or Smoked Trout. But of all the whites and creams I considered (it has to be light and neutral) I always went back to it. Others were too bright, too cold, too stark, too grey, too yellowy… I did not want *whispers*… magnolia. So Clunch it is.

Then today my husband was reading The Times and I hear him shout from the other room “Darling! We have a problem. We need to change the paint”. He shows me an article about David Cameron’s new garden “shepherd’s hut” where he plans to write his memoirs. The interior is painted in none other than Clunch.

Well, you can’t have it all.

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  1. thestarter1978 says:

    I utterly love Farrow and Ball. You know that David Cameron’s shed was decorated by his wife? So it is probably very tasteful indeed.

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  2. stellabranch says:

    Hmmm, yes…not the most attractive word is it? Nice colour though!

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    1. It’s the worst name EVER 😆


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